Wholesale supply of nonmetallic building materials by rail, water and road transport.

Every day we provide over 50 construction projects with the necessary range of products of fractional crushed stone.


If you are engaged in:

Construction and road works
Production of concrete products and asphalt concrete
Engineering works and landscaping


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Calculation of crushed stone for concrete

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Calculation of crushed stone for the road

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Gravel stone from "NK-Nerud"

Our assortment includes non-metallic building materials from leading manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries. Providing product buyouts all year round and understanding the technology of trucking, we have prices as direct shippers. In winter, we organize the accumulation of crushed stone at warehouse facilities at a low price.

The experience of deliveries allows us to give our customers the necessary quality and service of the services provided, they are expressed in adherence to the schedule and delivery volumes. In the event of force majeure situations, we have established mechanisms that allow us to fulfill our obligations in full.


Our services

We individually develop the supply of inert materials based on the technical task: breed, fraction, quality, volume and terms of payment. According to the data obtained, we will offer optimal conditions that will ensure the availability of material at the construction site without attracting additional suppliers.

Choose us

Why us? 

In 2014, we organized a company from a team of TOP managers, whose work experience was more than 10 years in the market of nonmetallic materials. Since then, thanks to our professionalism, the largest builders of infrastructure projects have chosen us as their general suppliers.

Why people trust and choose us: 

Great experience

Experience in the largest construction projects in the Russian Federation

A wide range

A wide range of products, including the most scarce "narrow" and "euro" fractions

Product quality

Product quality meets all GOSTs, standards and specifications

Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery to the object by rail, water and road transport

Low prices

Low prices for the entire product range thanks to a streamlined business process

Deferment of payment

Commodity loan with deferred payment for large builders of infrastructure projects


An efficient team of professionals that solves any crushed stone supply issues


The comfort of cooperation is ensured by compliance with all agreements


Legal transparency of the company with the provision of all relevant documents

We supply non-metallic materials all around Russia!

  • The geography of our cargo transportation depends only on the location of the customer's construction sites.
  • We have an extensive loading base in most regions of the country.
  • Transport logistics allows you to deliver goods by rail, road and water transport to all regions of the Russian Federation.
Delivery dates

Delivery time by rail and water can be up to 10 days.
The manager will individually select the best route for you.


Contact us

Contact us for advice on our services:
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From 8:30 to 17:30
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